Herbal Bath Box


Box is released every season and includes the following:

Exclusive Shirt (not included in our regular inventory)-WithLove Dija (specify shirt size in comments at the end)
Natural Herb Bath Bag (herbs can be removed from the bag or left in the bag and dropped in the water)-Simply Royal Creations
Himalayan Bath Salts (used to level out PH of water)
Sage for clearing of space
Incense to burn-With Love Dija
Full Size Candle to relax and set mood-Cozy Wicks
A signature oil-With Love Dija
Shea butter (will be the same scent as oil)-Simply Royal Creations
Handcrafted natural soap- With Love Dija
Handcrafted natural body scrub-Sate Soap Company
With Love Dija Notepad to release whatever energy you need to release
Fruit/Vegetable meant to be consumed during current season
Mini alcoholic drink
An item from a young entrepreneur
A delectable dessert

Valued at $175